Taking the #Tide Coldwater Challenge #washcold @shespeaksup

January 25, 2012

SheSpeaksbuttonAs a high schooler back in Manchester, England. I wore a school uniform M-F. On the weekends I had about 2-3 outfits. It was England so summer clothes were kind of nonexistent. Too chilly for shorts and tees. That said, my mother must have done washing 24-7 to keep up with my distinct lack of clothes. How did she do it? And, she had only a washing machine. No dryer. It was mild enough most of the year to hang clothes on the washing line. On cold days, I have no idea what she did with the wet clothes.

Now that I do laundry for 5 people I worship at the temple of my washer and dryer. Neither are top of the line, but both appliances do the job well. The only time I run in to problems is when I choose not to do laundry.

This week and last and the week before last I was in laundry crisis mode. When I am in this mode, I do what is needed. First up: pants. Kids and adults need pants. Next up: Towels. We have two swimmers and go through a ton of beach towels. Next: Shirts and sweaters. Trailing in last place are the items we have a ton of…underwear and socks. My kids are inundated with socks from one set of grandparents, but I am not so overflowing with socks.

Laundry was at crisis mode as Monday. I delved deep in to my sock drawer and found a scant few pairs of socks. On Monday I wore Christmas fuzzy socks. Tuesday it was “Let’s wear a pair of ski socks.” Today I wore a pair of my daughter’s volleyball socks. Tonight, it was “Do the laundry or tomorrow’s sock choice will be a teeny pair of my 8-year-old’s socks!” Yikes.

I ventured to my subterranean basement. Crossed over the piles of toys and games in the playroom. Vaulted over a lone wooden, now abandoned stable. Stepped carefully over a box or three of books. Managed not to crash my tootsies in to a chair leg. Before stumbling on Mount Laundry. My specific mission was tackling Sock Peak. I grabbed a bottle of Tide Coldwater and set about conquering Sock Peak.

Tide Coldwater was just what I needed to tackle the disparate and multi-hued socks. I found dress socks — brown, black, and blue; athletic socks — ankle, short, knee; little kid socks; wild and crazy volleyball knee socks; and of course the ever-present stack of odd socks. Where do all the other socks? Why am I left with 35 odd socks??

As I looked in to the washing machine, at all the disparate and multi colored and many varieties of socks, I wondered how Tide Coldwater would do. I am happy to report that Tide Coldwater did a number on the socks. Gone were the stinky, grubby, and seen better days socks and instead I had a heaping washer full of fragrant, clean, and ready-to-wear socks.

I was sent Tide Coldwater to facilitate my review. I was given a gift card as compensation from Tide/SheSpeaks. The views expressed in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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